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Princesse Pearls

Princesse pearlsTM

Our add pearl necklaces by Princesse - Legacy TM are easily the most popular item on our website. This national brand of fine Japanese akoya pearls come on the pink card that you are familiar with and if you order a necklace, they will arrive in the pink PrincesseTM Pearl box. We try to include all possible combinations on the shopping cart, but they are endless, our internal price book is seven (7) full pages of different combinations, so if you need a certain quantity on your necklace just let us know we can help you!


In our opinion, it is best to leave the add pearl necklace with an uneven number of pearls while you are adding to it so that you create a center or symmetry. Of course, any quantity in any size as a starter is available . We recommend that you use uniform verses graduated if it is an on going gift giving present so that there is no confusion when you re-order.

We receive many phone calls regarding presentation and maintenance of your pearls. We like to think of this program in inches instead of loose single pearls. If you start a child on the necklace it will provide easy gift giving for years. By adding an inch a year she will have a completed necklace (as a young adolescent) of truly heirloom jewelry. Every time you have a few inches to add to the necklace that service from us is free. Simply mail the necklace here and we take care of the rest.

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