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Serving New England Since 1979
Add a Link Diamond Bracelet

Add a diamond bracelets

Our add a link diamond bracelet collection is by Kaspar & Esh of New York founded in 1916 and now a third generation company. There are (160) plus styles available and even if yours was started prior to 1950, additional add-a-links are still available. Each Add-a-diamond bracelet link will match the last one exactly even if it that was more than forty years ago. All diamonds are consistently (H) color and (VS) clarity each and every time. The difference between Kaspar & Esh and Jabel is that Kasper & Esh is available in 14K white and yellow gold only. That is why we carry both add-a-section diamond bracelet products in our inventory and on our website. Both companies are of the highest standards in the jewelry business and qualify as premiere jewelry manufacturers of our time.

We recieve many phone calls inquiring how to attach a new section that you buy from The answer is simple. With the proper tools it would take anyone who is mechanical five minutes. We have designed pages showing you step-by-step instructions and the tools you will need to attach it to your existing Add-a-link diamond bracelet. Just ask for them and we will email them to you. There are two other options.

  1. Send your bracelet to us, insured U.S. mail and we will attach it for you AND pay the shipping back to you.
  2. Any competent local independent jeweler can attach it for you and we would be surprised if that charge was more then $10.

Kaspar & Esh add-a-link diamond bracelets have a finishing program for your bracelet that many jewelers never mention. As you know, the links are attached by a "spring bar" the same as your watch pin. After completion of your bracelet we will send it to the company and they will insert a 14K gold rivet where each spring bar exists. This service is at no charge to you. They will clean, polish and finish off your bracelet for your wearing pleasure. The only cost you incur is postage, which is the actual shipping cost.

Purchasing an add-a-link section can be done by on line, by email or if you prefer a telephone call or tel-appointment because as much as you want to know us, we want to know you. These add-a-links are on average $300 and particulars like delivery address, gift wrapping need to be discussed.

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Although though Kaspar & Esh has a hand out catalogue, the fastest way to get one to you is by email and we have the entire add-a-diamond collection available for you by email. Please send email or call and we will reply with a picture of the link you are interested in so there are no mistakes.

We DO NOT have a phone system to go through and we are available ten hours a day from 8:30am though 6:30pm EST Monday through Friday and weekends until 3:00pm EST. We know that not all of us live on the east coast, so if you make it a point to call, we will make it our business to take extra special care of you and your order.

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