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Jabel jewelry

Jabel jewelry

These are the some of the latest styles being offerred by Jabel this year. Many more are available and each comes in three different metals, whichever fits your current jewelry wardrobe. We have the ability to reset your diamonds into any of these rings and any questions you may have are welcomed. Did you know that we will do a design sketch for you at no charge ? All you have to do is send the size of your diamonds and the styles you like, and we will get it done !!

Jabel bridal jewelry
Brand new in 2004, this set comes with a filigreed band and engagement ring and can be ordered in 18kt. or platinum.

Jabel jewelry
Similar to the set shown above, this is new and just a bit wider. Questions? Email me for answers; I am the team leader on your right.

Jabel jewelry
This is a three stone ring with three fancy cut ovals set with a center 1.50cts. and two .75cts. in 18kt gold and platinum prongs. The customer supplied all the stones and the Jabel factory set the stones.

Jabel diamond wedding bands
With a slightly wider and heavier band, this item is comparable to the ring above. Did you know that we can do a special drawing for you? Just send the size of your diamonds and ask us. It's is a free service! To get that done, just email me on the link to your right.

Jabel wedding bands
Because it is one of the sweetest rings made by Jabel, we keep this on hand all the time. Six tiny diamonds are set between the larger stones to fill the holes, which is yet another trademark setting style of the Jabel craftsmanship.

Jabel wedding bands
This style was brand new last year. While this picture is a fair representation of the design of the ring, it cannot possibly show you the sparkle! That is why we have it in platinum in the larger size of 1.62cts. Call us for a price. The ring in the picture is in U4. Click on our explanation of Jabel diamond qualities for further clarity*(pun intended!!!)

Jabel three stone rings

Jabel uses what we call an eye-brow head so that the diamonds will NEVER move. In this case the center stone is a 1.53ct. oval shaped Canary and on each side a 1.00cts. round brilliant cut. The band is the #4400 series and available in three widths and three metals. You can email me on the link to your right and above with any questions everyone calls me "Louie the Jeweler" and I endorse these pages!
Louie the Jeweler

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