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Serving New England Since 1979

Pearl and Bead Restringing

Take Care of Your Pearls - You Can't Wear Broken Jewelry!

Finding a professional to restring your pearl necklace is difficult…that's why we're here!

EVERY JOB WE DO IS KNOTTED IN BETWEEN EACH PEARL! I am a Gemologist trained by the G.I.A. and qualified to appraise pearl restringing what you have for insurance, any appraisal is included at no charge to you just let me know you would like one in your note.

Our professional staff is the best in the business and they have been doing pearl restringing most of their lives. They are master beaders that find genuine satisfaction in completing a beautiful necklace. Remember that we've been in the jewelry industry since 1979 and I personally have 37 years in the trade.

We charge by the inch but these other factors will affect price:

1. The size of your pearls, larger are less costly and smaller cost more.
2. The length of your necklace, if it does not fit the chart below.
3. The turn around time you require, overnight shipping is more.
4. The insurance needed to get them back to you safe and sound.
5. You need to add pearls to your necklace for a better fit.
6. If your beads do NOT require knots all the way around it will be less.

pearl restringing

Here is how our pearl restringing service works:

  • You let us know by email HERE you need a necklace restrung and any questions you may have. Call if you like during business hours listed on the left side of this page 860-849-6479
  • We will contact you by return email to make arrangements for your project so that we both are on the same page. Telephone contact is preferred but not necessary. When you send your beads/pearls we recommend that signature confirmation or insurance be put on the package.
  • We photograph everything we receive for your protection and send a copy back to you by email letting you know we have your item.
  • When your item is completed - we return it to you insured mail. No worries, no stress.
From the chart below you will see what it will cost but we do not proceed until you receive an exact price so there are no mistakes. Our pricing structure is more than fair and usually we are accurate from the chart but sometimes adjustments have to be made, which we do when you send us the email. I want you to tell your friends about me so I go the extra mile. In case you want or need a new clasp I can help you with that too. pearl restringing This heavy solid 14kt WG or YG pearl fishhook clasp pictured here is in the cart as an option, both filigree or bright polished, we solder the loops so the necklace doesn't come apart..most jewelers don't.

Our Charges for Restringing Cultured Pearls

Using a 6mm pearl as a baseline, estimated costs to restring are:
(Some are less and some are more but this will help with a basic cost)

  • 01 - 06 pearls: $30 (usually centered on a chain)
  • 07 - 14 pearls: $35 (usually centered on a chain)
  • 15 - 25 pearls: $45 (large pearl (8-10mm) bracelets)
  • 26 - 40 pearls: $45 (most bracelets)
  • 50 - 70 pearls: $75 (16" choker length Necklaces)
  • 71 - 80 pearls: $85 (18"- 20" Princess Necklaces)
  • 81 - 100 pearls: $110 (22"- 24" Matinee Necklaces)
  • 101 - 140 pearls: $135 (24" - 30" Opera Necklaces)
Print our ruler to see millimters

  • We do South Sea Tahitian and larger Akoya as well.
  • If you have a better strand of beads and can live without the knots all around - your costs for this service are approximately half of what is shown on these charts.
  • I am a Certified Gemologist from the G.I.A. and am qualified to appraise what you have for insurance. I do not charge for that service if you need it.

Restringing Larger Synthetic Pearls

Majorica - Majorca - Mallorca and other synthetic pearls are also easy for us to do. We go through the steps described above and the same procedures apply.
  • 8mm 16" = $55 / 8mm 18" = $55
  • 8mm 20" = $70 / 8mm 24" = $80
  • 10mm 16" = $55 / 10mm 18" = $70
  • 10mm 20" = $85 / 10mm 24" = $95
  • 12mm 16" = $60 / 12mm 18" = $70
  • 12mm 20" = $80 / 12mm 24" = $95
  • 14mm 18" = $70 / 14mm 20" = $80
  • 14mm 24" = $95

Print our ruler to see millimters

For double or triple strands we will give you a quote based on the amount of pearls and estimated time it will take us, but to start with take these prices and multiply by two or three. pearl restringing

We need to talk with you on the telephone or by email to make sure you get what you want. Whether you want "nested" or "fully nested" - meaning a space between the strands or not.

Please send your necklace to:

1456 North St.
Suffield, CT 06078-1116

Shipping Back to You!

Finally, here are the charges you will find in the cart for shipping back to you. I have never believed in making shipping a profit center, I just want to know that we are covered for the value involved. You can even calculate postage yourself at the US Mail website. I ship the return "Priority Mail" and with a delivery confirmation. I also notify you it is coming back to you with the confirmation number. We are the real deal, no stress, no fuss...just a great service.

  • None - $0.00
  • $0 - $300 = $7.5
  • $301 - $600 = $12.50
  • $601 - $1000 = $15.00
  • $1001 - $1500 = $20.00
  • $1501 - $2000 = $25.00
  • $2001 - $3000 = $30.00
  • $3001 - $5000 = $35.00

There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We can do intricate necklaces and "just for fun " beads and pearls. Bead and pearl restringing is our specialty. All of our repairs come with a one year warranty.

Louie the Jeweler

pearl restringing