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Jabel jewelry
Majorica pearls - Princesse pearl - Pet loss pendant

   Majorica pearl and Princesse pearl orders will be accepted for ground shipment by UPS at actual cost. If you would like special shipping let us know in the shopping cart notes.

pet loss pendant

We accept all major credit cards and of course we accept PayPal as well. If you work with us, we will go the extra mile to help you.

   Our pet loss paw print pendant requires a day or two to have it inscribed, so please plan accordingly. If you would like special shipping there is a pull down box for that option on the shopping cart.

How to order Jabel jewelry, Add a Link, Memoire wedding rings or wedding bands.

Being mindful of the numerous options available to you - the 160 different styles of add-a-link, choice of metal (white gold, yellow gold, 14kt, 18kt or platinum) as well as size and combination of diamonds, finger sizes etc., we strongly recommend that you call and speak with Louie to place your order to ensure accuracy. Your total satisfaction with the product is our goal, and speaking with you personally on the phone will avoid any misunderstanding of exactly what you want. Louie is available for your call during business hours (Eastern Standard Time) until 6:30PM or feel free to leave a time that you would like to arrange a return call. Some of our customers prefer - no audio - and we respect that, we are just trying to help; so whatever works for you is fine with us.

Shipping Charges & Information

In Majorica pearls we have quite a bit on hand so yours may be available but any special order is not. We have at least (100) pairs of stud earrings to choose from in stock and (80) different necklaces. Shipping is based on our actual cost and there are charts on the pages you are viewing throughout the site and at the bottom of this page.

In Princesse pearls we have a large selection of loose Princesse pearls and plenty of each uniform and graduated necklaces. Shipping is based on our actual cost and there are charts on the pages you are viewing throughout the site and at the bottom of this page.

With our Pawprint Pendant there is a flat shipping fee of $7.75 and the pendant leaves within two business days.

Our Add a diamond bracelets - all of the links shown on our pages are in stock, in either color of gold. Prices are current and up to date. You can shop for them online in the shopping cart. We pay all ground shipping charges all the time.

With Jabel jewelry, we have the Jabel cluster earrings and pendants as well as the slides for necklaces and a nice selection of wedding band and finger rings. Our goal is to keep what is on the site available but we do a lot of business so please call or email . We pay all ground shipping charges all the time.

We ship UPS or if you have an account we would like to use yours to be sure you get charged actual shipping. WE ARE NOT LOOKING TO MAKE SHIPPING A PROFIT CENTER.

pet loss pendant


Our main concern when you purchase a piece of Majorica jewelry or Princesse Pearl* from our shopping cart is that you are happy and pleased with the product that you receive. We know that this isn't always going to be the case so below you will find our return policy.

1. Notification from you to us by phone to obtain the appropriate return authorization code.
2. Once you have received the return authorization code, your item needs to be postmarked within seven days of shipping back to us.
3. Your return package should include the original packing slip, which will expedite the return process.
4. The package should be insured.
5. Any package from you that has been opened or tampered with will not be accepted, and will be returned to the sender.
6. In all cases, a ten (10%) percent restocking fee will be applied to any credit issued to you.
7. If the item is a hand-scribed paw-print pendant, there is no return available, as it has been individualized, per your instructions.

Return Items to:

1456 North St. Suffield, CT 06078

How We Ship Delivery of our merchandise requires a signature to insure that your package has safely arrived. Unless you are comfortable with it on your porch where we can leave it. If possible please use an address (home or office) where that signature can be secured.We ship UPS,the USMail and FedEx.
Please check this link link to see the UPS Shipping Zones for your area as we ship UPS ground.

Shipping Rates (based on value of order WITH insurance)

$0 to $99.99 = $7.75
$100 $299.99 = $9.75
$300 $599.99 = $11.75
$600 $1000 = $14.75

UPS Blue ( 2nd Day) $0 to $99.99 = $29.75
UPS Blue - $100 to $299.99 = $29.75
UPS Blue - $300 to $599.99 = $33.75
UPS Blue - $600 to $1000 = $35.75

UPS Red - (Next Day) $0 to $99.99 = $40.00
UPS Red - $100 to $299.99 = $42.50
UPS Red - $300 to $599.99 = $45.50
UPS Red - $600 to $1000 = $49.50

Everyone calls me,
Louie the Jeweler
Louie the Jeweler

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