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Serving New England Since 1979
Jabel Jewelry


Jabel Corporation is one of the finest jewelry manufacturers in the world. Located in Irvington New Jersey they have been in business since 1916 and probably made your grandmother's ring if it still in existence. We have had an account with Jabel since our opening day. Louie has toured the factory as recently as May 2005 for a broader knowledge of the Jabel product line. We carry the famous Jabel diamond slide as well as the diamond cluster earrings and here are just a few of the other products in a slide show. Please call with any of your other questions and ask for "Louie the Jeweler" he is the owner and in our web based sales or there is an Email link at the bottom of this page.
Jabel Jewelry

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We carry the entire Jabel product line. I have the catalog and the brand new supplement scanned onto disc. If there is something that you do not see, I can send you a picture by email. All you have to do is ask there is no obligation and I WILL NOT SPAM your address or use it for any other purpose but to reply to you.

The Jabel add-a-cluster necklace... it's beauty, its flexibility, its usefulness cannot be appreciated until all of the unique features are demonstrated. This is the jewel that can be worn on any and every occasion, in dozens of different ways.

Pricing for Jabel products have too many variables to list here. The quality of diamonds , the metal you prefer etc. I have sold this line for over thirty years and understand it very well. If you need answers to your questions or pricing please do not hesitate to call on our line at 1.860.849.6479. I am not high pressure and can help you. Keep in mind that if you are viewing this page from outside of Massachusetts that there will be no sales tax applied to your purchase. If you are beyond the Eastern Standard Time Zone feel free to leave a message with your name and number, and what time is good for us to return your call. We will do so as soon as we arrive to the jewelry store.
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Louie the Jeweler
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