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Pet loss pendant

pawprint memorium

pet loss jewelry
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pet loss pendant

The story of our pet loss pawprint pendant

Our pet loss paw print pendant was designed to preserve the memory of the pets I have had in my life; their unconditional love has made them closer to me than some members of my family. The pet loss pendant memorial is a timeless way to reflect on the indelible memories that they left on my heart and life. The times we shared as friends and idea of a perfect compliment to their memory and the devotion I received from them. Each one is hand made and hand engraved so they are not the cookie cutter design that you find at the mall. How can you adequately explain a relationship where someone will never leave your side, has nothing other than pure adoration to shower upon you day after day, and will wait for hours on end until they hear your key in the door? The loss of our pet didn't prevent me from treasuring those memories...the pet loss pendant is a memoriam to honor a true friend who has left pawprints on a heart, much the same way they left their pawprints in a freshly planted garden or on a newly washed car. I am sure you will appreciate the individuality of your own when you recieve it.

The pet loss Pendant

pet loss jewelryI have designed a tear dropped shaped pet loss medallion as a pet memoriam. Finally -- a tangible way to validate all that pet owners receive from their very special animal companions! It is made of sterling silver or 14kt. gold which can be worn as a pendant, a charm, or on a key ring. There is a soldered loop that is adequate to use on a chain. I wear mine in memory of my special pet, close to my heart where they will always remain. There are pawprints going from left to right, and the reverse side is available for a hand-engraved name and date of the pet to finish off the perfect pet memorial present. The price includes a gift pouch.

Shipping Included

Ordering Information

pet loss pendant

Orders may be called in to 1.860.849.6479